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Jellyfish Toddler Program Ages 2-3

Our Jellyfish Program

At Pearls of Wisdom Early Learning Centre, our Jellyfish Program is set in a stimulating learning environment designed to meet the complete education and care needs of children aged 2-3.

Our toddler environment features hands-on learning areas, plenty of space to move and explore, abundant resources, opportunities to practice independence skills, a designated mealtime area, and a separate outdoor play area.

The goal of the Jellyfish Program is to integrate meaningful and fun learning experiences into everyday experiences to establish a solid foundation for life-long learning. 

Our Jellyfish Offering for Ages 2-3

Our Jellyfish Toddler Program offers toddlers an engaging hands-on environment that supports their curiosity, sense of belonging, personal growth, and early learning foundations.

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Creative Activities

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Dramatic Play

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Sustainability Program

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Group Projects

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Music and Movement

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Construction and Creation

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Reading and Rhyme Time

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Yoga and Sport

Hands-On Learning

Our toddler program is a complete academics and wellbeing program that encourages children to explore, create, construct, experiment, problem-solve, and interact with their peers.

Guided by the Early Years Learning Framework, our toddler program provides children with nurturing interactions, a balance of indoor and outdoor play, and open-ended learning opportunities to realise their potential.

Our toddler educators guide each child’s learning journey by responding to their individual needs, interests, personality, and learning style. They partner with families to support each child’s progress towards key developmental milestones to enhance learning outcomes for children.

Service Inclusions

Nappies & Wipes
EYLF Curriculum
Nutritious Meals
Sports Program
School Readiness
Family App

Daily Routine

The daily routine in our toddler environment caters to the individual needs and interests of the children. It provides children with a sense of security as they know what to expect as the day progresses.

Children enjoy social mealtimes, individual and group learning experiences, a balance of indoor and outdoor play, and spontaneous and intentional teaching times.

Regular toileting, hand washing, and nappy changes occur throughout the day and rest and relaxation times. We offer quiet activities for toddlers who have dropped their day sleep.

Families receive daily updates about their child’s learning, eating, sleeping, and toileting via our family communication app.

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