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Nutrition and Wellbeing

Fostering healthy habits

At Pearls of Wisdom Early Learning Centre, we understand the crucial importance of establishing healthy habits from an early age.

This is why health and nutrition are a core focus of learning and play for all age groups.

Our educators are health and wellness advocates who role model and educate children about healthy habits.

Children learn about nutrition through hands-on learning experiences using real and role-play food, food-focused incursions, cooking experiences, and growing fruits and vegetables in the centre garden.

We support families with implementing healthy habits at home by providing extensive recipes and resources.

Nutritious Balanced Meals

Our centre provides children with five nutritious meals per day, including breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and a late snack. We can accommodate most dietary requirements and allergies.

Meals are delivered fresh daily and prepared on-site in our commercial kitchen. Nutritionists and dieticians develop our infant, toddler and preschool menus to ensure they meet the highest nutritional standards.

We offer a six-week rotational menu that includes a variety of fresh vegetables and legumes, seasonal fruit, whole grains, lean fresh meat and fish, and dairy options. 

Children enjoy foods from different cultures to encourage an appreciation for diversity and a love of nutritious food from all over the world.

Healthy Children's Meals
Sample Daily Menu KGF

Sample Daily Menu

BREAKFAST – Seasonal fruits, toast, yoghurt, and cereal

MORNING TEA – Vegemite scrolls, fresh fruits, and vegetables

LUNCH – Japanese chicken balls, green vegetables, brown rice and katsu sauce

AFTERNOON TEA – Herb and garlic wholemeal baguette

LATE SNACK – Seasonal fruit with cheese & rice crackers

Children are offered water throughout the day. All meals are served with a choice of milk or water.

Munch & Move

Pearls of Wisdom Early Learning Centre implements the NSW Health Initiative Munch & Move to support the healthy development of children from birth to 5 years. 

The program promotes physical activity, healthy eating, and reduced small screen time.

Our educators utilise the Munch & Move resources to plan daily learning experiences focused on getting active, eating more fruit and vegetables, choosing water as a drink, and selecting healthier snacks. 

The aim of the Munch & Move Program is to support children in developing healthy lifestyle choices.

Munch and Move Program

Active Play

Our educators plan daily active learning experiences to support children’s progress towards physical developmental milestones.

The team set out the outdoor area with exciting and challenging activities that provide opportunities to practice walking, running, climbing, jumping, and hopping, and dodging.

The outdoor area provides a tremendous range of resources that encourage the development of ball skills, coordination, concentration, gross motor development, and fine motor skills. 

In addition to planned active learning experiences, children also enjoy sports-based incursions based on children’s interests and the families’ preferences at our centre.