Nursery Program
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Nursery Program Stanhope Gardens Childcare Centre Pearls of Wisdom Early Learning Centre

Our Nursery Program

The first two years of life are the most rapid period of growth for your quickly developing infant.

At Pearls of Wisdom Early Learning Centre, our nursery program is set in a homely learning environment designed to meet the complete education and care needs of children aged 0-2.

Our nursery features interactive learning areas, soft spaces, abundant resources, a cozy cot room, a designated mealtime area, and a separate outdoor play area.

The goal of the nursery program is to establish a strong foundation for life-long learning. To learn more, enquire today.

Nurturing Relationships

Warm and nurturing relationships between educators, children, and their families are the foundation of our nursery program.

Our educators form positive relationships with children by responding to their unique needs, interests, personality, and learning style. This helps children feel secure and confident in their learning environment.

Our educators also get to know each family, actively involve them in learning experiences and centre life, and provide them with daily communication updates about their child’s progress.

We believe that open, respectful, and reciprocal relationships between educators and families lead to the best educational outcomes for children.

Nurturing Relationships Pearls of Wisdom Early Learning Centre Stanhope Gardens Childcare
Nursery daily routine stanhope gardens childcare

Daily Routine

The daily routine in our nursery caters to the individual needs and interests of the children. It provides children with a sense of security as they know what to expect as the day progresses.

Children enjoy social mealtimes, individual and group learning experiences, a balance of indoor and outdoor play, and spontaneous and intentional teaching times.

Regular toileting, hand washing, and nappy changes occur throughout the day. When it comes to rest time, each child has their own sleep routine to provide children and their families with a seamless experience between home and care.

Families receive daily updates about their child’s learning, eating, sleeping, and toileting via our family communication app.

Daily Fee Inclusions $140 Per Day

Learning Program
Nutritious Meals
Nappies & Wipes
Language Program
Family App

Key Learning Areas

Literacy & Numeracy

We offer children meaningful everyday experiences with literacy and numeracy to develop foundational knowledge and skills.


We offer children open-ended sensory learning experiences that develop fine motor skills, concentration, and problem-solving.


Children participate in daily music and movement activities to develop rhythm, motor skills, coordination, and an appreciation for music.


Through art, craft, role play, French and Mandarin language activities, children develop their confidence, creativity, and individuality.


Children build connections with nature through sensory exploration and an introduction to sustainable practices in everyday life.

Culture & Belonging

Learning about and celebrating culture, diversity, and inclusion helps us foster children's sense of being, belonging, and becoming.

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