Nurturing confident and independent learners.

Stanhope Gardens Childcare & Early Learning Centre

At Pearls of Wisdom Early Learning Centre, we believe children are naturally capable learners who learn best through play and open-ended experiences.

Our goal is to provide children with a positive introduction to learning that nurtures their confidence, competence, independence, and individuality during their formative early years.

Through our unique curriculum, purpose built learning spaces, and a focus on supportive relationships between educators and families, we provide children with the ideal environment to achieve their potential.

Our Stanhope Gardens childcare centre caters to children from six weeks to six years of age. Contact us today to join the Waiting List.

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Educational Approach

Our educational approach is inspired by Theorists Piaget, Vygotsky, Gardner and Doctor Maria Montessori. We combine the best of each in our program.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the best educational outcomes are achieved when educators and families work in partnership to enhance children’s learning outcomes.

Everything Included

Our daily fees include healthy meals, nappies, wipes, bed sheets, and incursions. We are also open 7:00 am – 6:00 pm to assist working families.

Our Stanhope Gardens Childcare Centre Offers

Nappies & Wipes
EYLF Curriculum
Nutritious Meals
Language Program
School Readiness
Family App

Early Education Programs

Nursery Program
Ages 0-2
$140 per day

Our nursery program offers children a supportive and nurturing learning environment to develop their movement, language, social, and independence skills.

Toddler Program
Ages 2-3
$135 per day

Our toddler program is a holistic learning program that encourages sensory exploration, independence, creativity, problem-solving, and social skills.

Preschool Program
Ages 3-6
$130 per day

Our preschool program supports school readiness skills and learning confidence in all areas of physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development.

Our Facilities

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